Which mortgage will enable the quickest purchase of a property?

The mortgage you get will affect your outgoings for many years into the future so it is best to do some shopping around first. In order to get a mortgage which will enable you to purchase a property quickly, there are some steps you can take. Let’s take a look at the different types of mortgage and which one is best for quickly purchasing a home.

Interest rates

You can choose between a variable rate and a fixed rate mortgage, depending on what your budget will allow. If you want to keep your mortgage payments the same every month then go for a fixed rate. The interest will stay at the same rate for a period of time (between 3 and 5 years) which means that you will know exactly how much you will be paying each month. The only disadvantage is that the rates won’t fall. A standard variable rate mortgage will move up and down depending on the lender’s rate of interest. This means that you may pay more from one month to the next but your mortgage could also fall at a moment’s notice. So how can you speed up the mortgage process and what kind of mortgage packages are there for those who want to purchase a house quickly? Continue reading “Which mortgage will enable the quickest purchase of a property?”

Financing your self build home when using Modern Methods of Construction

Self build mortgages have been around for a number of years, offering finance for the ‘yet to be built’ with features such as lending on the land (so you can keep your savings back for the build) and releasing funds in stages, as the build progresses, so you don’t have to borrow the whole amount from the outset and pay interest on it all from day one. These mortgages are not just limited to brand new projects, and can be integrated into a conversion of an existing property.

If you’re considering building a home and using a Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) technique, you may be wondering what options you have and how mortgages for MMC work.

Firstly, MMC is seen as the new generation of prefabricated housing but vastly different to the prefabs used to rebuild housing stock following the Second World War. MMC schemes are being used by both developers and owner-occupiers who could benefit from the cost and time savings of mass production, but retain flexibility and control over their build. Continue reading “Financing your self build home when using Modern Methods of Construction”

Looking For Flats in Glasgow – Crunch the Numbers First!

Going with flats in Glasgow for sale can be a good idea, but most real estate purchasing decisions aren’t going to be that simple. You really need to make sure that you are always thinking about the bigger picture and getting things taken care of. Can you honestly say that you have everything planned out right now to make a purchase if the right property came along? If the answer is no, then it’s definitely time to think about the road ahead in more specific terms.

Crunching the numbers using a mortgage calculator is a good idea. You will want to look up more than one mortgage quote of course, since you don’t want to just go with the first rate you see. One of the biggest reasons why you can’t just go with the first rate that you lay eyes on is because if you do, you’re only making it harder on yourself. What if that rate isn’t the best one? You have cost yourself money without even realizing it, and who really wants to do that? It’s all up to you to figure out where you go from here.

Glasgow is a lovely city that has a lot to offer. It means that you can either live there on your own, or make sure that you get someone to rent the flat from you. This is a great way to really make sure that everything is getting used to the fullest. You get to make a little side money while providing somewhere nice for someone else to live. How cool is that? Continue reading “Looking For Flats in Glasgow – Crunch the Numbers First!”